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RED + ActionProducts RUNNER & Raptor Demo Day – Atlanta, GA from ActionProducts on Vimeo.

Our opening demo day was a success! Thanks to everyone that showed up! Huge thanks to Scott Warren and Derek Morrison for coming and helping with the demonstrations. This short sample clip of the even was shot by Daryl Goff and Scott Warren. It was edited and color corrected by Derek Morrison from DJFocus Productions.

Innocinema has officially moved to the Atlanta, GA area and is excited to open its doors for the first time with a demo day featuring some cool gear from RED Digital Cinema, ActionProducts, Schneider Optics, and Bright Tangerine.

We are also extremely excited to announce we are a representative and channel partner for RED Digital Cinema here in Atlanta, GA! We are here to help with all your RED sales and support needs. No RED products will be listed for sale on our website. If you are interested in purchasing, please call or come into our office for a quote.

We demoed…
– ActionProducts Modular RED EPIC Accessories
– ActionProducts ActionCam Raptor Pro
– ActionProducts ActionCam Rebel Pro
– ActionProducts RUNNER
– ACR BeSteady Beast
– DJI Ronin
– Schneider Optics Xenon FF Lenses
– Bright Tangerine Matte Boxes
– 4K Editing and Color Correction Suite

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