Booyah that is how you do a new camera test. No longer will you have to put up with halve assed so called “Real World” camera tests. Real world was always just code for they could not be bothered making a real effort as the kick back money has been deposited, so just put out a bare minimum video that raises more questions than it solves. Then they get shitty when sensible questions are raise in the comment section of their Blog and label them trolls.
Well say NO to real world camera tests and embrace the new breed camera test: Canon EOS C300 = Awesome.

In early Fall 2011, I shot some footage with a pre-production model of the Canon EOS C300 for one week in NYC. I created an article and a video for Canon based on my experiences with the camera. The video is meant to poke fun at most camera test videos I’ve seen over the years. Canon, not thrilled with my sense of humor, does not credit or condone this video, but I think it shows a lot of the camera’s strengths.

I believe that Canon made a beautiful camera that is sensible, reliable and portable in a way that I’ve always dreamed a camera could be. It prioritizes great skin tone and has higher ISO sensitivity than any other camera out there.

I know there’s nothing I can say to change the minds of the RED fan club. For the rest of the skeptics, I think once you get your hands on it you’ll understand how great this camera really is. Please buy this camera in January and go film some good skin tones in the dark. You’ll love it.

Thanks go out to all my friends for helping me with this. Jonathan Yi.

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