Brushless Gimbal, RED EPIC, camera rig, three axis, stabilization… That and low cost is all you want to hear right? Well Colibri think they have you covered with their Brushless Gimbal camera rig with all of those.

Colibri Brushless Gimbal

Now I read someone slag all but one Brushless Gimbal camera rig maker off as Mom and Pop overseas backyard organizations. That’s just a silly thing to say. Pick just one, you can’t be backyard and overseas, that’s just geographically silly.

Solid point he perhaps mashed up, was that these Brushless Gimbal camera rigs will be popular and the reputation of the makers will come down to after sales care. We are not going to know that till down the track though. Check any of the RC forums and these rigs have a solid fan base who know their stuff ready to help you out with any issues you may have.

Remember buying a locally made rig doesn’t guarantee you the best rig, so buy from anyone you feel confident in and get which system best suits your needs at the price you most desire.

Check out Colibri and what it offers:

Colibri Brushless Gimbal Specs:
Ready for Red Epic
3axis stabilized system with 2 AlexMos Boards
Powered with 4S Lipos

Campilots Holger Fleig and Volker Tittel, well known for their high-end filmtools CopterCam, Cablecam, TimeFreeze and others, have – in cooperation with renown designer and constructor Dieter Wurster – introduced a new remarkable device to the market: It’s the amazing “COLIBRI Brushless Gimbal.”

This brand new camera remote head is equipped with a three axis stabilizing brushless gimbal. The advantage of this new system is obvious: Spectacular film shots are now easy to achieve. It allows 100% stabilized camera movements in a large variety of situations, shot with a camera-equipment up to the size of a RED Epic. The new device is comparably small, it has little weight and comes at a reasonable price (both sale or rent). And: It makes any time costly stabilisation-process in post production obsolete.

Colibri Brushless Gimbal ready for Order now by

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