D.P. Kuleshov tests the RED Epic Dragon sensor by pushing it +1 all the way to see what suits his style.

Red Epic Dragon Test Sequence from D.P. Kuleshov on Vimeo.

I have done an exposure test by pushing the sensor of the camera + 1 Stop all the way.
Plus I run the camera on ISO 800-250 to see noise that comes out to see what I like and prefer for myself.
All shots are done in 3K except the last 300fps which is 2K as camera downscale for Highest Speed.
The lens is Zeiss Compact Prime 18mm /T3,9.
All shot done with Aperture T4.0
Light was always pushed +1 Stop (T5.6 on light meter).
There no grading done in REDCine software except applyed Colorspace REDColor3 and REDGamma 4.
in camera setting was Redcolor3 and Redgamma3.
But I liked the way REDGamma4 is more contrasty and give rich blacks.
That what I personally prefer to see. Rich blacks and shadows.
Apart from that NO GRADING/
Converted to Apple Pro Res HQ
Then joint all shots in Final cut and export Apple Pro Ress HQ
Then Converted to MP4 for vimeo.
So you can see footage was converted three times and downscaled to HD.

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