Made in Australia, the PSE Timelapse Slider Traveller 520 is an innovation in motorised timelapse slider technology. It’s lightweight, easily portable and can fit inside your suitcase when travelling.

PSE Timelapse Slider Traveller 520

Each PSE Timelapse Slider Traveller 520 has been hand crafted to enable you to capture hundreds of continuous photos on your camera with ease in a single slide. The Slider can be used for video timelapse but you will need a conversion program like iMovie or Adobe Media Pro to turn your videos into a smooth timelapse movie.

The unique slimline design of the PSE Timelapse Slider Traveller 520 means you can capture more amazing photos in more places. It is the perfect size and weight for all your timelapse projects.

Product Information

· built-in motor with direct drive (no add on belts or clamp on motors)
· built-in converter giving the option of a 30 minute or 60 minute slide
· built-in forward and reverse switch stopping at each end automatically
· built-in battery holder (8 x AA batteries-not included)
· built-in battery volt meter
· 1/4”-3/8” adaptor
· Ballhead with quick release attachment for multiple camera angles
· 3 Tripod mounting positions (one at each end and in the middle)
· Note: Slider can also be used directly on the ground

There is no assembly necessary for the PSE Timelapse Slider Traveller, except to connect the ballhead and camera to the slider (maximum camera and lens weight of up to 2.5kg/5.5lb). When taking timelapse photography, set your camera to its timelapse setting or if your camera doesn’t have a timelapse setting, you can use an intervalometer.


Slider weight without batteries and ballhead 1.3 kgs (2.8 pounds)
Slider weight with batteries and ballhead 1.8 kgs (3.9 pounds)
Slider overall length 97 cm (38.1 inches) – fits inside a suitcase
Slider travel length 52 cm (20.4 inches)
Motor end height 5.5 cm (2.1 inches)
Non motor end height 4.0 cm (1.5 inches)
Width 25 cm (9.8 inches)
Maximum camera and lens weight 2.5 kgs (5.5 pounds)

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