P+S Technik have announced their NAB 2013 lineup and it includes the Kubrick Lens Collection, and the Pro35 Smart upgrade which gives your iPhone that cinematic look. P+S Technik have plenty more goodies coming to NAB but let’s start with the Kubrick Lens Collection and their other lens conversions on offer.

Kubrick Collection

Lens service and mount conversion

P+S Technik offers lens service since 20 years. In addition, we offer gear rings and mount conversion to fit vintage lenses in the enviroment of modern camera setups, i.e. for long lenses of the Cooke S2/S3 Speed Panchro sets.

We also make available rare lenses – as we did for Joe Dunton’s lunar noct f0.7 lenses – by packaging them with a compatible camera, a modified PS-Cam X35.
Kubrick Collection

Complete rehousing

Cooke Speed Panchro Lens Rehoused

A rehousing is of great advantage as you get identical front lens diameters, mounts and handling. This comes as close as possible to modern lenses and still keeps the original historical look.

We offer a rehousing for Cooke S2/S3 Speed Panchro lenses since end of 2012. The lenses we received during the past months for rehousing were in an impressive condition.
Cooke S2/S3 Speed Panchro lenses rehousing
Our high quality rehousing includes 80mm front diameter, cam drive with extreme macro pitch and PL mount for focal length from 18mm to 100mm. For longer Cooke S2/S3 lenses we offer lens service, mount conversion and gear rings – read more

While at NAB pass our booth C8240 to get hands on some PS-rehoused Cooke Speed Panchro lenses.

P+S Technik will also be displaying their Pro35 Smart upgrade

Pro35 Smart

Pro35 Smart with iPhone 4 interface

The cinematic look of 35mm format combined with the scope of a high performance smartphone like an iPhone – that’s the Pro35 Smart – the most intelligent director’s finder on the market.

Go HERE to see footage shot with the Pro35 Smart.

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