The P+S TECHNIK Interchangeable Mount System (IMS) lens mount adapters make available hundreds of film and still photography lenses for just about any camera.

P+S TECHNIK IMS 2.0 Lens Mount Adapter

The P+S TECHNIK mount adapters for cameras with IMS and Sony FZ interface are plug’n’play. The lens mounts for ARRI Alexa and RED cameras are easily mounted using the lens mount intermediate flange offered by the manufacturers.

All PS-IMS lens mount adapters are of high quality design and materials. They are made to withstand time, heavy use and always be a reliable link between your lens and your camera.

IMS 2.0 Lens Mount Adapter

They are all pre-collimated in the factory to zero position for the flange focal distance of the lens mount. Shims for individual adjustment are available.

All IMS 2.0 mount adapters are designed future-proof and are backwards compatible. IMS 1.0 adapters are also in the future compatible with all IMS cameras and all Sony FZ cameras when using the FZ adapter ring.

IMS 2.0 Lens Mount Adapter Highlights

Ease-of-use change of lens mount
More than eight different lens mounts available
Makes a wide range of lenses available
Pre-collimated, no more adjustments necessary
Shims available for individual adjustment

Camera Compatibility

ARRI Alexa, SONY PMW-F55 / F5 / F3, RED Epic / Scarlet / One, Ikonoskop A-Cam, PS-Cam X35, WEISSCAM HS-2 / HS-1, SI-2K, MINI35

Please see P+S TECHNIK for more information about their IMS 2.0 Lens Mount Adapters for the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, & Scarlet Cameras.

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