P+S TECHNIK are now offering a rehousing service for your old classic Cooke S2 / S3 Panchro lenses at a fair price.

With this new housing the Cooke S2 / S3 Panchro lens receives two opposed scales, so focus and iris setting can be read from both sides of the camera, marked with whole stop markings. You can choose metric or imperial marker rings. Both rings, iris and focus, are equipped with standard 0.8 gear module as is compatible with standard gear wheels for follow focus and lens control systems. The new front diameter of 80mm is standard mattebox interface.

For a set of six Cooke S2 / S3 lenses (18 / 25 / 32 / 40 / 50 / 75mm) the rehousing, including parts and labour, is available for 10.000,00 Euro. Rehousing a single lens starts from 1.850,00 Euro. Rehousing of the Cooke S2 / S3 100mm lens on request. The rehousing is done by P+S TECHNIK experienced technicians on a first in, first out base. Usually the lenses are ready for delivery no later than four weeks after arrival at P+S TECHNIK service department in Munich.

To book in your classic Cooke S2 / S3 Panchro lenses for a rehousing please contact Aki Schirmer at P+S TECHNIK by email to aki.schirmer at pstechnik.de or call +49-89-45 09 82-30 or simply go to the P+S TECHNIK website.

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