ProDRENALIN from proDAD turns your GoPro vision up to 11, or any other action camera.

It removes fisheye and perspective distortion, stabilizes the video, corrects rolling-shutter distortion, rotates the video, reduces noise and much more.


It is a complete solution for making your raw action/sports videos better. The optimized video can be rendered in industry standard formats ready to be shared online or brought into your favourite video editing software. You can see the original and optimized video prior to rendering and exporting.

If you shoot on a GoPro or other action cam, you need ProDRENALIN. Capture your life’s most amazing adventures and let ProDRENALIN polish things later!

proDAD ProDRENALIN for GoPro camera demo:

Check out a proDAD ProDENALIN tutorial from Carsten Pollmer:


Feel free to grab a copy of ProDENALIN from proDAD HERE for about $60.

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