InVisage Technologies have announced the release of “Prix”, a short film shot entirely with InVisage’s QuantumFilm smartphone camera sensor. The film captures a stunning level of detail despite dynamic lighting environments and shooting fast-moving subjects outdoors. This quality is made possible thanks to InVisage’s QuantumFilm, a quantum dot camera sensor technology.

QuantumFilm Camera

“Today, filmmakers of all types have access to HD-quality cameras through their smartphones,” said InVisage President and CEO Jess Lee. “However, achieving truly cinematic quality can be difficult without professional-grade cameras. Our expanded dynamic range capability is a major step forward in allowing smartphones to capture the tiniest of details across a wide range of lighting conditions. The results can be seen in ‘Prix,’ a charming short film about children who make their own technological innovations.”

A film by Automaton Creative (
directed by Rene Amador, written and produced by Eric Navarrette, executive producer Jocelyn Hsu, Starring Samuel Parker, Isabella Mulford, Luke Darga, Caroline Kinsolving, Marc Livingood, Jamie Warner, Kaia Jones, Johnny Brillantes, and Eric Navarrette.

PRIX – The first film shot on QuantumFilm

During the production of “Prix,” cameras utilized InVisage’s QuantumCinema, a capability developed specifically for smartphone sensors equipped with QuantumFilm. Like photochemical film, QuantumFilm sensors have a non-linear response to light that allows them to preserve information in bright areas where a silicon CMOS sensor would typically saturate. This response, combined with higher photosensitivity and electron storage per pixel, enables QuantumFilm to show greater dynamic range in QuantumCinema mode.


“Prix” was also shot using InVisage’s exclusive electronic global shutter mode for smartphones, which eliminates a defect when shooting moving objects known as the “rolling shutter artifact.” All scenes were shot simultaneously with a comparable silicon smartphone using a rolling shutter–the only shutter mode currently available in smartphones–which captures parts of an image at different times. This delay causes obvious distortion when quickly moving subjects are shot with a moving camera. But with QuantumFilm’s global shutter, all parts of the image are captured simultaneously, resulting in unprecedented clear motion capture with a smartphone.

QuantumFilm DR

In an additional feature entitled “The Making of ‘Prix’,” actors from the short film visit the InVisage office to learn about the technology and what distinguishes “Prix” from videos shot with silicon smartphone camera sensors. “The Making of ‘Prix’” includes interviews with employees and side-by-side comparisons of footage shot simultaneously with standard smartphones versus those equipped with QuantumFilm. Both “Prix” and the accompanying “Making of” feature were screened as part of an event on the future of technology and film at the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 18.

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About InVisage Technologies

InVisage Technologies, Inc. is a venture-backed advanced materials & camera platform company based in Menlo Park, Calif. that has developed QuantumFilm, a breakthrough imaging & sensing technology. Its first product captures high fidelity, high-resolution images from mobile devices such as camera phones and digital cameras. Founded in 2006, InVisage Technologies is venture funded by GGV Capital, Nokia Growth Partners, RockPort Capital, InterWest Partners, Intel Capital, Oceanwide, and OnPoint Technologies.

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