LockCircle have dropped their Cinematic Lens range designed for Blackmagic Production Cinema Cameras built around ZEISS optics.

PrimeCircle XE Silver Lens Series

The PrimeCircle XE silver series lenses are calibrated (one to one) with expanded focus scales for precise follow focus work, and have a special silver finished surface to match the iconographic design of Blackmagic Cinema Cameras.

LockCircle PrimeCircle XE Silver Lens Series

The LockCircle PrimeCircle XE Silver Series lenses come in 15mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, and 50mm plus 100mm macro.

We trust the innovation of the Blackmagic Cinema and Production cameras and this is the “reason why” we designed a special Silver Series of our PrimeCircle XE cine-style lenses built around Zeiss world class optics!

PrimeCircle XE Silver Lens Series Features:

– Electronic aperture for full electronic camera control.
– Cine-style focus scales on both sides of the lens barrel.
– Expanded focus mark spacing for comfortable focus operations.
– Calibrated (one to one) focus scales for ultra precise focus puller work.
– Standard cinema 95mm Front Mount with anti-reflective surface.
– Special silver “shot peening” finish to match BMCC cameras.
– Full-Frame 24×36 coverage.
– EF Mount (Canon EOS/ZE)
– Innovative dedicated sliding Mat-Box.

Please see LockCircle for more on their PrimeCircle XE Silver Series lenses.

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