Fotodiox Pro originally made the Turbopack 9000 power pack to help externally power B4 lenses used on cameras other than ENG / EFP ones. They have now discovered the Turbopack 9000 is ideal for powering a GoPro camera for up to 12 hours. The thing only costs $70.

Turbopack 9000

The Turbopack outputs any of three voltages – 12v, 16v, or 19v. Power up the Turbopack with the included AC charger, and the 4 LED meter lets you know how much run power is left. Simply connect the Turbopack to your lens with your choice of either a 6-pin or 12-pin connecting cable (sold separately). Then, depending on your specific lens, you’ll get powered fuctions like cruise zoom, quick zoom, iris return, and more.

Turbopack 9000 B4 Lens

The Turbopack 9000 does not have a “sleep” function, so your lens is fully powered at all times, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Also built in is a USB port that can be used to power your camera, or charge a phone or tablet, etc. The Turobopack is rated for 25Wh for extra long run times between charges.

The Turbopack 9000 Kit also includes a fitted case with velcro attachments so you can secure it anywhere on your camera setup. Don’t forget to pick up a B4 lens adapter for a complete production setup that’s ready to go right out of the box!

Turbopack 9000 Kit

The question has been raised will the the USB power output work with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Fotodiox Pro are running tests to see if that will work.

Need to know more about the Turbopack 9000 then hit up Fotodiox Pro.

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