The New Polly Slider with patented High-Inertia Stabilization


Pollysystem: POLLY SLIDER, the World’s First Camera Slider with High-Inertia Stabilisation


Munich, Germany, April 18, 2016 – Pollysystem from Munich, known for innovative solutions for film and video productions, launches the international sale of its POLLY SLIDER, the most compact, lightweight camera slider of its class with integrated ‘high-inertia’ stabilization, a flexible mounting plate, and a new patented connection option (POLLY CONNECTOR).


Most hand-operated camera sliders on the market are simple linear sliders where a hand movement has a direct influence on the camera movement – which requires a high level of skill and experience of the user to perform smooth, constant camera panning. Frequently, any uneven motion is not detected until the postproduction phase.


Pollysystem’s new POLLY SLIDER solves this problem with its newly developed and patented high-inertia flywheel stabilization. A flywheel with an integrated, fine-tuned gear speeds up significantly during camera handling, increasing the system’s inertia considerably. The result: extremely smooth, stable camera panning.

This technical principle and the lightweight construction made of carbon and aluminum has reduced the weight substantially, despite the special stabilization solution – the slider weighs a mere 1.5 kg.

On the camera side, the POLLY SLIDER has a flexible mounting plate with three integrated connection options. The tripod side features the new, patented POLLY CONNECTOR with three combined fastening options for all common thread formats, plus a 75-mm half-ball cup. In addition, the slider has height-adjustable folding feet and a level for alignment.


The POLLY SLIDER (including POLLY CONNECTOR) is currently priced at €940, while the POLLY CONNECTOR is available for €160 as a separate accessory. All prices are without VAT.

All Polly products are manufactured and assembled in Germany.

For more see Pollysystem.

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