There is a new pocket sized table dolly that is about to hit the market called the Polly Portable Dolly System. The Polly System has a flywheel gear which apparently allows for effortless fingertip smooth tracking shots. The Polly Engine is expected to be around 1250 Euros, and for the Polly-Arm the price will be approx 850 Euros.

Polly is designed to create smooth and stabilized camera movements in a special and innovative way. A flywheel gear – made of high-grade steel – simultaneously accumulates the kinetic energy and stabilizes the movement. With a camera and a video-head mounted on the top (3/8” adapter included) you can achieve constant and ultra slow tracking shots with just a fingertip. Polly works on every flat surface. A scale on the flywheel enables super-precise stopmotion dolly shots, too. (Weight: 7 kg)

The Polly-Arm extends the application possibilities of the Polly-Engine significantly: It is adjustable vertically and horizontally and is rotatable in all directions – It allows you to position your camera within a range of approx. 1,5 meters (about 60 inch). On the top of the arm you can directly mount the camera or by a connection plates of you choice. On the removable rod you can apply counterbalances like sandbags or other weights. (Weight: 4 kg)

See Polly System for more details.

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