It is devastating news hearing that our dear friend and fellow Cameraman from New Zealand Yves Simard @crewstv lost his house in a fire. Yves, his four children and his lovely Wife managed to get out of their gutted home safely but only with what they were wearing at the time. A few small things including some kids Xmas pressies were saved but the house was pretty much destroyed by fire and of course water damage from the firies tending the blaze claimed the remaining possessions.
A house fire is never good news at the best of times and the timing of this disaster so close to Christmas for Yves his wife and their four little kiddies is just heart breaking news.

Read the local news article “House gutted by blaze days before Christmas” from Auckland Now and then please come back to make a donation to the Simards.

As a collective group of creative industry rag tag misfits it would be lovely to help make a traumatic experience a little easier to get through, especially for one of our own so close to Christmas and help keep a smile on the Simard kids faces during this ordeal.

Of course Yves is insured but the fire occurring during the holiday season will slow down the process adding to the unknown that arises from such an incident.

If you can, please dig deep with any sort of spare change and assist Yves and the Simard family to get back on their feet quickly and painlessly. So come on guys please use the PayPal link here to make your donation and all the money given will go directly to Yves and his family. We could all find ourselves in this position one day, so it would be nice to just help him, his wife and their four small children out at this time.

Read the Throng NZ article about the Simards.

I will keep a donation drive going for the Simard family until the end of January to help them out and recover from the house fire.

I will put this PayPal link up on the header banners as well.

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