The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will honor the Pictorvision Eclipse designers with a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award at the 84th Annual Academy Awards for Technical Achievement. This prestigious award will be given to Michael Lewis, Greg Marsden, Raigo Alas and Michael Vellekoop for the concept, design and implementation of the Pictorvision Eclipse, an electronically stabilized aerial camera platform.

The Academy notes, “The Pictorvision Eclipse system allows cinematographers to capture aerial footage at faster flying speeds with aggressive platform maneuvering.”

Designed by the same team who pioneered aerial stabilization for cameras 35 years ago, the Eclipse represents a revolutionary milestone in the advancement of aerial camera platforms. It incorporates proprietary patented XR Motion Management technology that enables the most advanced steering, stability and pointing and tracking capabilities.

Turn 3D off in the settings if you need to see the 2D version.

Eclipse’s advanced control system, open architecture and ability to handle long and cumbersome lenses allow top aerial cinematographers to capture creative shots never before attainable. The system was used on five of the 2011’s top 10 highest grossing live action films; “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1”, “Fast Five”, “The Hangover Part II”, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Thor”.

Please see Pictorvision for more information.

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