When I read a crew got hold of a Phantom Gold HD camera to do as they will, I was super excited to see the outcome. However after seeing the results I wanted more, lots more. More of the vision and setups like at the end of the video and less of that slidey guff. Don’t get me wrong it is refreshing seeing newer shooters putting their stuff out there compared to the usual tired old dotters trying to work you over and make you part cash for a lecture tour. And yes the Longboards are the feature here but damn after the first 38 frontside backslides they completely avoided editing to the music and then threw the interesting stuff in when I lost interest. Hmmm let’s hope for more from these guys though. Give ’em the camera for 4 days and pop $200 in their mitts next time.

Thanks to Rayne Longboards for the video:

What do you do when you have the rare opportunity to film with a Phantom Gold HD, under 72 hours notice, and a $100 budget to make things interesting? Enjoy this skatePHX production of Justin Dailey and Cole Kurtz skating a desert gem in Arizona. Special thanks to Ryan Johnson, Leo Reyes, Alonso Parra, and Matt Price for helping make the shoot possible.

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