Petrol Bags introduces a new transparent Rain Cover to provide waterproof protection for the Canon EOS C100 camera. Specially fashioned to fit over the C100, even while the flip out screen is open, the cover allows for fast and easy setup, while keeping all camera controls fully accessible. This all-weather accessory is constructed of transparent waterproof polyurethane that doesn’t obscure the camera’s view. The smart design makes the Rain Cover extremely easy to install while shooting.

Petrol Bags C100 Raincover
Petrol Bags Raincover C100 PR400

The C100 Rain Cover’s transparent polyurethane construction provides for maximum visibility, while remaining serviceable down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit/-20 degrees Celsius. A cleaver front cover section featuring a microphone sleeve of rip-stop fabric attaches to the Rain Cover via two waterproof zippers for extra weather protection. A hot shoe connector in the cover’s rigid front hood section anchors and stabilizes the rain cover on the camera. The PR400 also includes a 6” ABS track that allows for the addition of a mini light.

Please see Petrol Bags for more on their Canon C100 transparent rain cover.

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