Over at Kickstarter Peter Dering has come up with Capture the Arca-Swiss compatible omni-directional DSLR Camera Clip System. The Capture system comes with a universal attachment that works with all cameras and allows you to attach your camera securely to any belt or strap you own.
Coming soon will be other camera mounting solutions like for the bike and roof racks.
Head over to Kickstarter and for a minimum of $1 seed fund Peak Designs Capture system which should be shipping hopefully after July 1.

Capture, by Peak Design from Peter Dering on Vimeo.

At the beginning of the design process, I started with three simple requirements:

The camera requires a locking mechanism that ensures total security
Capture had to be able to attach to any strap or belt
The device should be as compact as possible

The camera locking mechanism had to be foolproof. Watch this video of me testing the Quick Release Button with 105 lbs. of force if you need to be convinced that the design is robust.

To further ensure the camera’s security, Capture has been equipped with a redundant twist lock. When engaged, pressing the quick release button will not release the camera. I have found this redundant lock reassuring when I’m participating in activities where I could unintentionally push the quick release button.

Quick Release Button Strength Test from Peter Dering on Vimeo.

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