A&S Broadcast look at the PD Movie wired and wireless follow focus…

PD Movie Remote Air

The operation of PD Movie wired and wireless follow focus is very simple. Price is low but with good performance.

Free switching channels

REMOTE AIR has 20 signal transmission channels, which means that you can use 20 sets of wireless devices at the same time in a large program site. They work respectively, without interference with each other. Moreover, you can also switch to your favorite signal channel quickly.

Automatic detection of stroke
Every boot is starting a new work. Remote Air needs to re-identify the lens. After receiving stroke detecting instruction, it will automatically find the starting point of the lens, move from the starting point to the end, and record the whole stroke between the starting point and the end point. Moreover, according to the detected stroke distance, it will automatically allocate corresponding stroke of follow focus’s rotary table, and at the same time automatically retain short distances of the stroke both at the starting point and the ending point as buffers to protect the lens.

Offset compensation
Through automatic stroke detecting, brand new Remote Air can match the whole lens stroke with the stroke of the driver’s rotary table frame by frame, without missing one frame. In case of misoperation which results in offset between lens stroke and that of follow focus’s rotary table, it will quickly respond to the new directive position during the rotation of follow focus, and automatically compensate for the lost stroke.

Automatically matching speed
Through self checking function, Remote Air will detect the highest speed of each lens at the first time, and match the highest speed which is suitable for the current lens according to lens size and damping degree, thus leading to more smoothly operating. Furthermore, Remote Air has two available speed modes.

Full and accurate OLED display screen
Although petite, it shows the most important contents. In addition to the channel, signal strength and battery power, it also displays the voltage power of receiver power supply, which enables you to control more information.

100M transmission distance
Using 2.4G wireless technology and full duplex mode for signal transmission can ensure no delay. And its anti-interference and error correction function, as well as the farthest 100M transmission distance can ensure stable operation.

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