At Cinescopophilia we get daily requests for shout outs, and even more for free equipment but that’s for another post. The guys doing the new indie movie ZEROTOWN asked us to look at what they were up to and their request deserves to be looked at, deserves to be supported and warrants a massive shout out.

“ZEROTOWN” the film, and VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA LOS ANGELES (VOALA) are combining their efforts to raise funds that will benefit both organizations. The filmmaking team began their mission early this year when awarded a $100,000 grant from the SAN FRANCISCO FILM SOCIETY for production of the original feature film, “ZEROTOWN.” The film will shoot this summer.

THE GOAL IS SIMPLE: Raise another $100,000, to be divided evenly between the VOALA’s NAVY VILLAGE VETERANS’ HOUSING PROJECT, and the film.

Volunteers of America:

Volunteers of America Los Angeles was founded in 1896 as a human services agency, and has been strengthening families and communities ever since. They provide programs and aid to veterans, homeless, children, girls and women, those struggling with addiction, and many others.

VOALA has recently acquired at no cost, the Navy Village housing community in San Pedro, California. Originally built in the early 1990’s for Navy personnel and their families, the now abandoned community will soon provide housing and supportive services for veterans and their families. 50% of the money raised on this IndieGoGo site will go directly to the refurbishing of the San Pedro property, and will specifically help to provide plumbing, beds, furniture, and household utilities to the 100 residences. When the project is complete, it will include a computer lab, recreation room, rehabilitation center for physical injuries, in addition to counseling space and services.

San Francisco Film Society:

In late 2011, we became the proud recipients of a $100,000 filmmaking grant, courtesy of the San Francisco Film Society. It was the largest grant awarded.The SFFS supports projects which explore themes of human and civil rights, as well as timely social issues. Past SFFS grant winners have gone on to great acclaim, competing in and winning accolades at such prestigious festivals as Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, Tribeca, among others. We are honored to be in a category with such esteemed company.

While the grant will pay for the bulk of production, we still need to raise additional funds. 50% of the money raised on this site will go to expenses such as, but not limited to: locations fees, equipment rentals, cast, crew, production design, wardrobe, and post production.

Please visit and please support ZEROTOWN.

For more see the guys website Not Another War Movie.

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