Not long ago we were wishing for wireless video transmitters that A worked and B could still work with F’all lag at, at least 60 feet. Oh and there was a C and that was that those wireless transmitters were cheap. Well Paralinx did come up with the ARROW and CROSSBOW systems that were well received.

Now enter the 2000 foot capable TOMAHAWK 1:1 HD video transmitter system from Paralinx.

PARALINX TOMAHAWK HD Video Transmitter System

The Paralinx TOMAHAWK is a revolutionary HD Video Transmitter system offering Real Time Wireless HD with unprecedented range for your Television, Film, Broadcast, Industrial or UAV/UAS application.

The Paralinx Tomahawk has a range of up to 2000 feet (600m) with default antennas (longer range with optional antennas) and still maintains an incredible sub 1ms latency glass to glass. Both the Transmitter and Receiver feature 2-Pin Lemo power connectors capable of a wide 7-17V unregulated input voltage.

Much like the popular Paralinx Arrow and Arrow Plus, the Tomahawk transmits Full HD video (up to 1080p/60 4:2:2) with less than 1 millisecond delay and is capable of handling up to 255 simultaneous receivers. The transmitter weighs approximately 7 ounces (200 grams) with standard antennas, and the receiver weighs 19 ounces (540 grams) with standard antennas.

Battery, mounting, and case options will be available upon release with more accessories to follow. The Tomahawk will begin shipping on December 9, 2013 at a base MSRP of $6,999.00 USD for one transmitter and receiver pair. Additional receivers can be purchased for MSRP $3,999.00 USD each. The first units shipping will be available with an HDMI input (transmitter) and dual 3G-SDI outputs (receiver). A 3G-SDI transmitter will be available in 2014 at a price to be announced.

Please see Paralinx for more information on their TOMAHAWK 1:1 HD video transmitter system.

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