ParaCage GoPro cage with magnetic bumpers looks to both protect your GoPro camera and allow for unique mounting positions. Any stick can be your GoPro selfie stick and any tree becomes your tripod with the ParaCage.

ParaCage GoPro Cage

ParaCage comes with a 7 ft / 2.1 m long bungee paracord wrapped around a sturdy stainless steel reinforced case.
The whole package is the size of an average point & shoot yet has the mounting options that until now you needed a separate bag for.
The camera sits snugly sandwiched between two precision milled plates protected on all corners by eight massive stainless steel bumpers.
If you need a standard mounting, there is a GoPro+tripod combo mount included – you can even adjust the tilt.
When not in use, the mount folds conveniently into the case.

ParaCage Pole

ParaCage Tree

ParaCage is a compact and sturdy GoPro housing with a 7 foot bungee rope wrapped around for a wide variety of mounting options. For convenience, ParaCage also has an integrated GoPro and tripod mounts with tilt adjustment and allows battery access without removing the housing.
ParaCage is equally easy to mount on a finger thin railing or a foot thick tree. Looping the bungee cord around a tree or a pole and zipping back takes only seconds.

Common items attached to ParaCage can become GoPro accessories. A flashlight for night time shooting; a random stick can be a selfie stick.
“The idea came to me while setting up a GoPro for a time-lapse.” says designer Kestutis Koira. “What if mounts emerged from the camera body and you could attach it directly to anything you wanted? There would be little need for bulky specialty mounts. So I went to the drawing board.”
After months of tinkering, testing, 3D printing, CNC milling, the final design is out. Crowdfunding campaign is now live on Indiegogo


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