Panther U-Bangi slider system extends the U-Bangi II with many additional new features.

Panther U-Bangi-Slider system

The Panther U-Bangi slider covers the typical slider function on a tripod or dolly and is available in lengths from 64cm to 300cm and in two different widths.

The system can be mounted either on Mitchell plate or on euroadapter.

Unique to the new U-Bangi slider from all other slider on the market is the option of integrating a high-low rig, consisting of the already known Panther VarioRig.

This enables ground-level camera positions as well as high positions without any conversion.

Adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbers and a locking brake facilitate the operation.

With the optional rotary adapter the new U-bangi slider performs not only linear but also circular movements.

Panther U-Bangi-Slider

Please see Panther for more information about their U-Bangi Slider System.

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