Panorganizer is a full system solution conceived by Phil Holland to quickly capture and organize Spherical High Dynamic Range Images on live action movie sets by using DSLR cameras. These images are used for matte paintings, look development, texture painting, set reference, and are an invaluable tool when creating image based photo realistic lighting in a visual effects post production environment.

Panorganizer software and rigs have been used on productions for several years all over the world and have been deployed at several VFX studios as a permanent fixture in their lighting pipelines.

The Workflow
The general workflow for the user/operator is to capture, review, edit, backup, and sync back with the studio. Final HDR images can be constructed on or off set in case preViz or the VFX Supervisor would like to see the final HDRI. Panorganizer provides a quick and efficient workflow allowing the HDRI Operator to focus at the task at hand and perform other duties while on set without being burdened by a large rig or time consuming workload. Syncing HDRI libraries over the course of shooting helps the studio get going earlier on work and keeps the line of communication flowing.

Here’s a rundown of what Panorganizer is all about.

-Flexible, Fast, and Upgradable HDR Panoramic Rigs based on modern DSLRs
The following is recommended hardware and what has been successfully used in the past. Each HDRI Operator should get their own unique laptop. Panorganizer runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It is strongly recommended for each laptop that 2x 1TB drives are purchased for on location backups for double redundancy. For those “baking” large quantities of high resolution HDRIs or those setting up a main processing system at the studio it is recommended to use a 64bit OS, quadcore, with a minimum 8GB RAM. Phil usually sets up each laptop or provides a solution for the studio to install on their own.

– 8k (32 megapixels) in 19 seconds
– 15k (112 megapixels) in 40 seconds
– 20k (200 megapixels) in 60 seconds
– higher resolution rigs supported
– can be operated wirelessly

-Panorganizer on Location
– download and organize HDRI source images
– quality control, verify imagery
– preview and edit HDRI Information
– runs on HDRI Operators laptop
– multiple rig support
– sync with on set HDRI database/file structure
– process final high resolution HDRIs
– customizable to any studio pipeline, database, file system

See Panorganizer for more details.
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