From Emmanuel Pampuri

Translated from French to English:

Varicam S35 4K – 5000 ISO – ungraded footage from Emmanuel Pampuri on Vimeo.

We were fortunate to have the Varicam S35 4K to make Friday night tests.
With the help of Marion Casabianca, Emma and Isabelle Montoya Chaïbedra 3 talented actresses that I recommend, but also excellent Myriam Robin assistant camera Thomas Jacquet op amazing chef, we were able to make some pictures.

Certainly the codec 4: 4: 4 12-bit is not yet available (it will happen via a firmware update) we are only on the 4: 2: 2 October bits, but I really wanted to see the raw footage shot at night with no additional light to ISO 5000 in Vlog.

My conclusion is, Panasonic happens very strong in the race high-end digital cinema cameras with the Varicam. It is a jewel that will attract a maximum head demanding operators. The image texture, color rendering is quite incredible and fine “grain” (yes I am talking about grain and not noise) not to mention the ergonomics and the quality of the first sensations viewfinder … are excellent. Of course these are only feelings and I have yet to see what we could actually do a calibration but I just triturated the signal and it looks terrible. The arrival of the 4: 4: 4 AVC-Ultra can only necessarily improve things but the 4: 2: 2 is already very very good!

Note that only Premiere Pro CC 2014 wanted my rushes 4K AVC-Intra and I could climb without native anxious displaying 1/4 of the resolution (ie HD) on my old macbook pro.

Other tests are coming soon.

If you want to play the file 4K ProRes 4: 2: 2 HQ is here!nEQURDAB!ZUtXe0brdDPVyY64AmBW5_0kttpGaEA91HRF5DZ5qVU

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