Are you sitting down! That’s not a question that’s a request for you to hold onto your seats because this Panasonic PH1-Pro4 4K player video is just way too funny. Panasonic have developed the PH1-Pro4, which is a single-chip system LSI that can support 2K/4K and multi-channel video distribution.

Panasonic PH1-Pro4 4K Player

Panasonic PH1-Pro4 system LSI has all the necessary functions and performance to realize a 4K player. PH1-Pro4 is already available in mass production.

Panasonic PH1-Pro4 4K Player Features:

*Transcoding/encoding 3-stream full-HD video data simultaneously
*Controls the number of video data streams to be processed simultaneously, based on their size, enabling 12-stream simultaneous processing for VGA.
*High-quality video encoding even at low latency and low bit rate
*Bandwidth-controlled encoding that allows video data to be compressed and redistributed with a rate optimized based on the performance of receiving terminal and the state of communication path.
*Allows real-time image recognition, such as face recognition and object detection, by controlling the parallel media processer (IPP3) and the parallel data processor (DPP2) through our original software.
*High-end decoding for 4K2K (30fps) video data
*Upconverts video data from full-HD to 4K2K.

Please see Panasonic for more details about the PH1-Pro4 4K Player.

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