From SirJonnyCargo

I decided to try my Fujinon XA55 Digipower lens with a Panasonic GH4.
It worked surprisingly well.

Everything is shot in UHD, 25p.
All camera settings is set to default. Standard gamma and color settings.
Since I couldn’t use ND-filters, I had to use shutter speeds around 1/200 in the sunlight.

The lens is 9,5 – 525 mm f/1:1.7
With the 2X extender it becomes 19 – 1050 mm f/1:3.4
And with the 2,3X “crop” factor of the GH4 in UHD-modus, the AOV is the same as a 44 – 2415mm lens on a FF-camera.

Other equipment used:
Ronford-Baker tripod legs
Miller Skyline 70 Head
Fotodiox B4-MFT adapter

Music: “Far the Days Come” – by “Letter Box”

A special thanks to the people at AVIT-systems in Stavanger for beeing a supportive supplier of professional video equipment.

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