From Jonathan Lawrence

Footage from Panasonic DVX200, pre-release camera.

Please do not judge the camera’s ability by my footage – this is just a sneak peak. I did not understand the full potential of this camera until after I shot this.

Panasonic DVX200 4K Footage

The image quality you will see coming from this camera is without question some of the best I have seen from from a camera in the price range.

The camera has some problems in the pre-release that I hope Panasonic will take into consideration for the final release, Several cinematographers and myself just spent two days in Japan, shooting with and for Panasonic. We all came to similar conclusions about the camera’s strength and weakness . If they are able to solve these issues the camera could find and audience. It has much potential for documentaries, sports and event video. I will have more cinema style samples posted soon.

This footage is over graded and down converted to HD it is not meant to dissect only to start a conversation of the possibilities of this camera.

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