Way back in January Panasonic talked about a market space consisting of almost professional, or entry level professional space that needs run and gun 4K.

Panasonic showed off a 4K proof of concept camera safely tucked away behind glass back then and now they have again trotted that camcorder out at CEATEC Japan 2013 where they also unveiled their “The 4K World” is Within Sight philosophy.

Along with 4K monitors, 4K tablets, 4K editing, 4K DIGA (think upconverted Blu-ray), 4K HDMI, and 4K Gaming, at CEATEC 2013 Panasonic had their 4K Prosumer and 4K Varicam modular camera on display too.

Panasonic 4K Handycam Camera
Panasonic 4K Varicam Camera

The way we enjoy television continues to diversify, and TV screens are becoming larger and larger. As such, 4K is no longer a “technology of the near future;” It is a technology that you can “enjoy now and in the future.”

Panasonic 4K World

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