Panasonic have recently shown off a prototype Ballooncam Drone.

Panasonic Ballooncam Stadium

Panasonic Corporation has developed a prototype of a drone system, ballooncam(TM), which combines a drone with a large balloon. The ballooncam(TM) can be used for staging various sports and events. Panasonic will continue to conduct demonstration experiments to bring this camera to market and to bring to life solutions that can be used to push the boundaries of event production by combining this camera with other Panasonic products such as projectors.


As staging of sports and events become more sophisticated and demand among organizers for innovative entertainment solutions increases, Panasonic has been providing its high resolution imaging solutions using projectors and cameras that help amplify the excitement. And to further push the envelope of events staged using imaging solutions that meet customers’ exacting needs, Panasonic has developed a prototype of a ballooncam(TM), which combines a drone with a large balloon.

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Characteristics of the prototype

The ballooncam(TM) is a staging tool with an innovative structure involving a drone enveloped by a large balloon. Since the drone is completely housed in the balloon, it enhances safety. Moreover, by optimally controlling the thrust force of the propeller, this all-new drone system realizes both excellent stability and mobility. The ballooncam(TM) can be equipped with a camera, LED, and projector, so it can also light up and display a wide range of information.

Surprising performance using the entire body of the ballooncam(TM)
The ballooncam(TM) may be creatively used for surprising, amazing performances such as displaying images, lighting performances, or signage. The flexible body also creates a soft, friendly ambience.
Realizes both mobility and long flights
Powered by 4 propellers, the ballooncam(TM) can fly around event venues in synch with the planned performance. Furthermore, as it uses the buoyancy of the large balloon and saves energy while in flight, it can be used for long durations of time.
Shoots dynamic aerial images
Since the drone is completely wrapped inside the large balloon, it can fly close to and even above the audience allowing organizers to shoot dynamic aerial footage.

The Panasonic Ballooncam appears to be an advancement on that NHK Balloon camera system from way back in 2012.

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