Joe Walker steps and either wets or drys the appetite of guys and gals hungry for a non DSLR solution.
Vision, low light, overcranking and keying it’s all there and Joe put the effort in and the results should help people make their minds up on if they will buy the Panasonic AF100 camera.
One negative is that the candle vision is not up to scratch and any client would flat out tell you that but the rest of the vision scrubbed a treat.

AF100 Demo shot by Leo Ticheli Productions from Joe Walker on Vimeo.

This is a demo of the new Panasonic AF100 camera that was directed and shot by Leo Ticheli of Leo Ticheli Productions. Camera gamma was set to HD Norm, with knee and chroma adjusted per shot. Lenses used were almost exclusively Zeiss Standard Speed T2.1 lenses, with apertures ranging per shot except where noted. Also, a few of the extreme low light shots were made with the Panasonic Lumix Pancake 20mm F1.7. All footage was recorded to SDHC cards in 1080p @ 23.98. This was edited in Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 as Apple Pro Res HQ files.

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