Sony call it consumer level 4K. Panasonic call it a marketspace consisting of almost professional or entry level professional space that needs run and gun 4K. It doesn’t matter what they call it or what weasel words the marketing boffins push on their sales guys and gals to use in order to sell 4K to the masses, we already know it as Prosumer. And Sony and Panasonic used CES 2013 to reveal their concept 4K Prosumer level cameras to the electronic gadgets consumer market. I say concept over prototype because like the the Canon 4K hairdryer it is obvious to anyone with a pulse that those units don’t contain more than a case, a screen, and HDMI cables that run the smoke and mirror razzle dazzle show. Their point to having a proof of concept 4K handycam at a consumer trade show is to gauge reaction from the general public and from dealers and report back to the bean counters who will green light or call dead the idea of Prosumer 4K cameras. Roll on NAB 2013!

Check out the Sony and Panasonic 4K concept cameras shown at CES 2013:

Panasonic 4K Concept Prosumer camera video thanks to GadgetReviewTV:

Panasonic 4K Prosumer Camera

Sony 4K Concept Prosumer 4K camera video thanks to Sony Electronics:

Sony 4K Concept Prosumer Camera
4K Handycam

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