Steven Landon-Smyth @LordOfVisions Director, Cinematographer, and Photographer was one of the first truly inspirational people that we followed on Twitter.

He has had some unfortunate bad news come his way.

Dina Landon-Smyth Memorial Fund

While we haven’t been super active with the @VisionWrangler account of late, it was devastating to learn when we did tune in to find out that Steve suddenly lost the love of his life recently; his Wife Dina.

Our heart goes out to Steve and his immediate family and friends. If we could be there with him in person we would offer up a big hug and and definitely a shoulder for Steve to lean on.

Steve is a rock solid stand up Guy and it is no surprise that someone like Michael Sutton @MNS1974 has been kind enough to put together a gesture and a way that fellow camera geeks and the wider filmmaking community can give some type of support to Steve at this time.

Mike has set up the Dina Landon-Smyth Memorial Fund:

On Nov 29th, our good friend Steve Landon-Smyth lost the love of his life. Lets share our support for Steve and family during his grieving
Our friend and fellow filmmaker Steven Landon-Smyth lost his wife, partner and best friend yesterday. Dina Landon-Smyth often went on photo shoots with Steve and some of us were lucky enough to meet and get to know her. Her passing was rather sudden and surprising to many of us. Most of us cannot imagine the pain, sorrow, trauma and the million other feelings Steve and his family must be going through right now.

Steve and his wife were regular people with everyday problems like most of us. I ask if we can all pitch in whatever you can financially to help Steve and his family during this trying time.

Here is how Cinescopophilia readers can help out Steve… If you can please give to the Dina Landon-Smyth Memorial Fund it would mean so much.

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