The Optimos is a line of multifunction camera support systems that can transform from a simple 24” slider into a number of different setups: cage, car mount, table dolly, shoulder rig, monopod, wheelbarrow, handheld stabilizer or even Jib. This completely modular system gives cinematographers and videographers the flexibility and versatility they need shooting in the field from different angles.

The Optimos systems come in three different options and can support a wide range of camera types. Each system comes with a full ball bearing linear tracking system that features an all terrain foot system, micro-adjust non-marking feet, and vertical operation capability.

– The Juventos System includes a 24” slider that can support cameras up to 15 lbs, a table dolly, vehicle mount, rifle shooter, ScorpiOne, and low camera mode setup.

– The Invictos Cinema System comes with a 36” slider and table dolly with a load capacity of up to 80 lbs, a monopod, cage, shoulder rig, and all the parts necessary to make the camera supports in the Juventos System.

– The Maximos Pro System is the ultimate package with a 72” slider; a table dolly and wheelbarrow that can support up to 200 lbs; a handheld stabilizer with a three axis gimbal, camera balance platform and counter balance weights for camcorders 4-10 lbs in weight; a car mount with suction cups that can support up to 40 lbs; and everything in the Juventos and Invictos Cinema Systems. Users can also expand the slider to convert from two feet to three feet, to six feet, or even longer by adding longer tracks to the dolly track.

The kits range from $1500 to $3500.

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