Resurrecting old cameras and older style lenses and making them look good. Melting Bloke aka Richard Gale does just that.

OPTIKOV 28-38-58-88 at f2.0 and with 2x ovals installed from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.
in order from 28mm to 88mm.
two passes – first run shows each lens wide open at f2. second run shows each lens installed with a 2x oval aperture of f3.2

camera: Sony PMW-F3 recoding internally to sxs card – S-Log. Lut applied and minor cc in lumetri colour corrector (Adobe Premiere).

tripod remained static throughout the test. sensor plane approximately 1.8mtrs from the duck's nostril (which was my point of focus)

Full frame (24mm x 36mm A7Rii sensor) tests with human subject coming up. but from tests carried out the 28mm optics are meeting the same standards as the previous 38mm and 88mm optical designs. sharp but not over-sharp, responsive to lighting (the lenses flare when you want them to, and react to contrast levels in a scene – taking on some of the atmosphere of the lighting in a scene), no unpleasant colour fringing or smearing, and pleasing distortion which increases gradually as you reach the corners of the frame.

Our goal with each focal length has been to maintain the magic of the original Zeiss Biotar / Helios-44 prime and in doing so provide a matching set of fast primes that boast an authentic vintage rendering – dictated by the primary 6 element double gauss design – which remains intact in each of the 4 focal lengths.

Soon we will be unveiling a rod (15mm) mounted wide angle attachment of 0.65x magnification which will work in unison with the 28mm lens and provide a true 18mm/2 lens for full frame. As well as a new rear optical cell incorporating a purpose designed 0.8x focal reduction group. These new rear optical cells will install into the back of all existing trump and optikov lenses and turn them into aps-h lenses (with a gain of 2/3 of a stop, a widening of fov of 1.2x and a moderate improvement in resolution) – the new units will be perfect for users of oversized 'densely packed pixel' 'helium' s35 chips currently employed by RED.

music – There is Hope by Richard Gale

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