First up, you know Cinescopophilia has dropped some firsts when it comes to new cameras. We have had solid runs with Sony, Canon and Blackmagic cameras in the past. So we know rumours and how they work.

We know how and why camera leaks happen.

Timing is everything. The Canon C200 and C400 cameras at NAB rumour is 100% BS. Very sloppy BS.

You know how why know this? Traction and momentum! If you are the holder of information / details / pic / specs of a new camera or cameras coming, the moment you drop / drip feed that goss, then you are not alone and others leak bits of what they know.

They don’t want to be left behind on the fun.

Put it this way… When you drop a new camera rumour you don’t want to be caught hanging alone. It means you are wrong, and sold a dud.

The Canon C200 and C400 is a dead in the water rumour. Lost to one lonely wishful tweet, and a bait and click post by the holder of the Panasonic AF200 camera is coming to NAB title, and Nikon will never use 4 on a camera medal of dishonour.

Now that that is out of the road let’s deal with the ARRI 65mm rumour.

Again the news came from tweets, but follow the bouncing ball, as it was a flurry of info from multiple sources, and then out… Not sure Red Shark News, quite know who Mark Pederson is, when they covered this rumour.

Anyway take the ARRI 65mm as a tick in the plus column, and now let’s look at the 6K ARRI camera…

One bright spark thinks / claims / is an April Fool with a crude ARRI 6K picture and odd specs on their Blog.

Fake ARRI 6K Camera

Guess who busted it…. @OFFHOLLYWOOD

Enjoy NAB everyone, and remember to Blog responsibly.

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