OMSTUDIOS introduce a powerful new drone that enables filmmakers to combine the performance of the world’s finest digital camera, the RED Epic with the versatility of an octocopter. In doing so, the OM-Copter opens up a whole new world of cinematic possibilities while simultaneously lowering the costs of production remarkably.

Since it’s release in September 2011, the RED Epic is known as the pinnacle of digital camera design. With a resolution of 5K, a dynamic range of up to 18 stops and a high-tech processor enabling up to 300 frames per second, the RED Epic is without a doubt the world’s most advanced camera. Not only among camera connoisseurs, but also among the largest big-budget Hollywood productions, the Epic established itself as the definite standard: directing legends such as Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson and James Cameron are trusting this state-of-the-art technology for their current feature films “Prometheus”, “The Hobbit” and “Avatar 2” by placing dozens of orders.
The all-new OM-Copter allows to raise the RED Epic to lofty heights without the limits of a crane or the prohibitive costs of an actual helicopter. As an intuitively remote-controlled drone, the OM-Copter makes spectacular shots at the highest quality and at a fraction of the previous costs possible.
The OM-Copter is ready for take-off within just 15 minutes and can reach heights of up to 150 meters. The reach of the drone is analogous to the range of sight of the operator,
usually up to 100 meters. The OM-Copter is also usable in closed quarters and it’s extreme agility makes it verse adaptable.

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