Dropping April 29th is the Olfi 4K action camera from UK Mob HEDCAMz, who have over 5 years experience in the action camera industry.


Olfi Action Camera

We’re confident that our new camera will tick all of the boxes. Based in North Wales (UK), HEDCAMz and the Olfi team are right in the heart of the UK action sports scene. We’re just a short distance from Zip World, Europe’s longest zip wire and Surf Snowdonia whose wave machine brings top athletes and competitions from the likes of Red Bull. We’re heavily involved in a range of activities and action sports from mountain biking, kayaking and base jumping to diving, climbing and exploring. We’ve developed Olfi with our passion all of these in mind, so no matter what your sport, adventure, or skill level, Olfi has the right features for you.

Gyro Stabilisation – Olfi The Essential 4K Action Camera

Olfi Action Camera Waterproof Housing

Camera – 75g
Camera and waterproof case – 130g

Camera – 41x59x28mm
Camera in waterproof case – 72x72x38mm

Black with blue LED status indicators

Image Sensor
Back illuminated Sony Exmor-R CMOS sensor.

Up to 30 metres with included waterproof housing.

Video Resolution
4K – 24fps – (3840×2160 pixels – interpolated from 2880×2160 pixels)
2.5K – 30fps – (2560×1440 pixels)
1440p – 30fps – (1920×1440 pixels – produces super wide 4:3 aspect ratio)*
1080p – 30/60fps – (1920×1080 pixels)
720p – 120fps – (1280×720 pixels)
VGA – 30fps – (640×480 pixels)
*This resolution may require a free firmware update

Automatically creates a time lapse video from images taken at set intervals.
Intervals: 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, and 30 seconds.

Loop Record
Continuously records in 5 minute sections, overwriting the oldest files when the memory card is full. This mode is ideal for evidential use.

Time Stamp
Adds a time and date stamp over video clips and photos. This feature is recommended for evidential use only as the time stamp cannot be removed from the file.

USB Auto On
With this feature selected, the camera will power on and start recording when power is detected.

USB Auto Off
With the mode active, the camera will automatically power off when the USB power supply is cut. Combine this feature with “USB Auto On”, “Time Stamp” and “Loop” for the perfect evidential setup.

Photo Resolution
16MP (4609×3456 pixels – interpolated)
8MP (3264×2448 pixels)
5MP (2592×1944 pixels)

Takes 11 photos in 1 second

Takes a sequence of photos over set intervals.
Intervals: 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 seconds.

Gyro image stabilisation – reduces shake and makes for clearer images.

High Dynamic Range Video – Captures more detail in the image’s highlights and shadows.

Colour Modes
Choose from “Standard” and “Vivid” colour profiles. “Standard” is recommended for professionals looking to colour grade their final videos and edits.

ISO Limit
Limit ISO to balance brightness and image noise when shooting in low light environments. ISO is set to “Auto” as default, adjusting this setting is recommended for professional users.
Limits can be set at 100, 400 and 1600 ISO.

Choose from high, medium and low sharpness settings.

Exposure (EV)
Choose from high, medium and low exposure values.

Adjust metering mode between; Average, Center and Spot Metering

Data Rate
Increase or decrease video data rate (bit rate). Increasing bit rate will improve video quality, but use more storage per second.

Field of view can be adjusted between narrow, medium and wide modes.

Remove Fisheye
Automatically reduces the “Fisheye” effect visible when field of view is set to “wide”.

Adjust light frequency between 50HZ and 60HZ to reduce flicker from artificial lighting.

Removable 1600mAh Li-ion

Battery Life
Up to 2 hours in 1080p at 60fps.
Up to 1 hour 20 minutes in 4K at 24fps.

Internal mic captures audio in all video modes. Tip – Try using the waterproof housing to reduce wind noise.

Mini USB – Charging and data transfer.
Micro HDMI – Video output.
MicroSD – Compatible with class 10 or higher MicroSD cards up to 64gb.

Compatible with the Olfi app for iOS and Android – Use the Olfi app to control your camera and review and share you footage.



Quick edit from our 2016 trip to Morocco. Testing the new 'olfi' action camera from Hedcamz. Check out the failed & rescued Wingsuit Rodeo :)

Please see Olfi for more information.

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