Well this would now be considered an old school test. The Digital Bolex D16 camera still good from Olan Collardy.

Digital Bolex D16 test from olan collardy on Vimeo.

Quick test to see how the camera looks in terms of colour (which is incredibly nice). See link below for a LUT which helps you get the RAW footage into the right colour space.

I believe the camera's native ASA is 200ASA. Footage looks clean and the vintage Angenieux gives the image a soft but flattering look. I also shot some night scenes where I had to crank the ISO to 800ASA and it was pretty noisy but the noise was beautiful, i liked it. I added a little noise reduction in Resolve to take out the chroma noise and left the luma noise.

All in all, pretty pleased with the camera. My greatest fear was the image looking too similar to the BMPCC (similar sensor size) but the CCD sensor and global shutter makes the image a lot more filmic and motion cadence is very nice too.

Angenieux 17-68 f/2.2
Kern-Paillard Switar 10mm/1.6

Getting D16 image into the Bolex colour space: https://iaremrsir.wordpress.com/tag/digital-bolex/

Music: Shaft Motion Picture Soundtrack

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