I’m not the one flying this Align M480 drone, and yet the footage freaks me out thinking I’m going to crash it into the water and rocks.

Align M480

I had to pick my jaw off off the floor looking at how fast the thing flies, and just how good, how smooth that footage is.

Align M690

While we are at it, why not check out the Align M690 multi rotor in action.

This is Preliminary Video of ALIGN M690 with G3 equipped with the same Battery(5,200mAh 6S1P 1 Pack), Same Gimbal and Same GH4 4K Camera shown M480.

This Video was Taken under the “Full Time GPS Mode(Angular)” and show very Stable Movement for Static Aerial Video Filming.

Footage and pic via Roland Park.

For more: Align.

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