The much anticipated Panasonic 4K VariCam and HS VariCam are of course modular. Meaning you can swap out sections to go 4K or 2/3″ depending on your needs.

From Kunihiko Miyagi Director of Panasonic Professional Imaging comes some very sexy Panasonic VariCam modular configurations.

Panasonic 4K camera module, with a Super35-sized sensor and a PL mount:

Panasonic 4K camera module

Panasonic 2/3” HD camera module, with a 2/3” sensor and can shoot FullHD up to 240fps:

Panasonic 2:3 HD camera module

Panasonic recorder module unit capable of recording in a variety of formats, including 4K and high frame rate FullHD:

Panasonic 4K recorder module

Besides the convenience of being able to use a single recorder for the two different camera heads, the Varicam’s modular set up allows the camera and recorder to be separated, connected by a single cable. When shooting in tight quarters, on a crane, etc, room need only be made for the camera, with the recorder located somewhere with a bit more space.

Please note, however, that the camera heads cannot be used without the recorder, and the recorder can only be used with the Varicam camera modules.

Why did we adopt a modular concept for the Varicams?

The biggest reason is simply that we believed we could best meet the needs of users by simultaneously developing a large sensor version when shallow DOF is needed, and a 2/3” version for scenes that require more of the picture in focus. Being modular also of course allows more flexibility for further additions to the line in the future.

Panasonic VariCam 4K

Panasonic VariCam HS

Please see Panasonic for more about their 35 4K VariCam and HS VariCam cameras.

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