Might as well come up with a generic name for these RC hand held camera rigs because they are here to stay, develop improve and grow. It really looks like we will see an amazing amount of these RC hand held camera rigs in the next year.

Long time RED camera user and the man who received the very first Scarlet camera Tonaci Tran was inspired by a recent gear announcement and came up with a rough and ready hand held camera stabilization system of his own.

TONACI Hand Held RC Rig

Like everyone else, I was completely blown away by the new Freefly Movi videos. My drone is undergoing upgrades so during the transition period, I figured to attach my Red Swat Rail gear to my existing Photohigher gimbal for fun. As you can tell in the video, the PH gimbal has a buzzing noise and doesn’t respond nearly as fast as the Movi. This is largely due to the fact that the Movi features some silent brushless direct drive motors whereas most of the current gimbals use servo motors and pulleys (as seen above). Photohigher has been working on another new gimbal as well (thought not too sure if it is compact as Movi) which I think we will see at NAB. Anyways…this setup requires a two man operation. One person to run around with the rig and the other to control the “pan and tilt” on the gimbal. I took my setup for a test spin to get a feel of whats to come. I’m looking forward to trying out the brushless motor designs coming out at NAB. Seeing the insane shots that they were able to pull off in Movi and Roam definitely makes me super excited about what is to come. Tonaci Tran

Thanks to @boston_camera for his Zenmuse Z15 find:

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