The guys over at Paralinx have officially announced the launch of the Crossbow their HD-SDI module that integrates seamlessly with the Paralinx Arrow and Arrow Plus to provide a native HD-SDI transmitter for motion picture cameras.


The Crossbow accepts HD-SDI video input and 5v – 30v dv power in; it outputs HDMI and 5v USB power to the Paralinx Arrow / Arrow Plus transmitter.

The Paralinx Crossbow is an HD-SDI module to be used in conjunction with the Paralinx Arrow or Arrow Plus transmitter. The Crossbow converts an HD-SDI input signal to HDMI output and both the cross-converter and the Arrow/Plus transmitter (not included) draw power through the built-in Regulator. An interchangeable AC adaptor is included to power the Crossbow and Lemo or PTap power cables are available as accessories. Ships in 3-5 Business Days

Paralinx Crossbow comes in the box with:

1 Paralinx Crossbow
1 Interchangeable AC adaptor (US, UK, Euro, Australia plugs included)
1 USB-L/R power link cable
1 Tie-down thumbscrew (1.25″ long)

Expect to pay around $239.00 for the Paralinx Crossbow.

Please see Paralinx for more on their Crossbow HD-SDI module.

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