OFF! Red White and Black Music Video – Behind the Scenes with Midas Mount from MidasMount on Vimeo.

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OFF! Red White and Black – Behind the Scenes Shoot
When the punk band OFF! wanted to shoot a video for “Red, White and Black”, guitarist Dimitri Coats convinced director friend Jimmy Hayward to take on the project by presenting it as a creative challenge. Hayward and Coats hashed out a concept about a neo-Nazi rally that’s broken up by a rival black biker gang.

Hayward used a friends bar for the location and enlisted the help of his big-budget production crew members who were able to contribute a day of downtime.

Cinematographer Jacob Mendel borrowed a RED EPIC for the A-Cam with directors Brandon David Cole and Pat Lascu shooting B-Roll on Canon 5Ds.

The production value envelope was really pushed when Hayward convinced comedian friends Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall and Brian Posehn of Mr. Show to turn in performances.

Editor Rich Alarcon cut the video with the color correction provided gratis of EP Rik Michul at Coyote Post in Silverlake.

There’s an amazing amount of production and entertainment value here that Hayward was able to create basically without spending a dime all because this was done in a spirit of brotherhood and driven by everyone’s passion for getting an opportunity to be really good at what they do.

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See the Off! “Red, White and Black” video as posted by VICE Magazine’s Noisy:

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