Over at REDUser the OConnor team posted a new product they have been working on and are shopping around for interest from camera ops. There have been similar designs before from others but now it is OConnor’s turn to have ago at glow in the dark follow focus marking discs. If you like the look of and feel your shooting could benefit from glow in the dark follow focus marking discs then hit OConnor up.

OConnor Glow In The Dark Follow Focus Disc

This is our latest Frankenstein creation…and it’s ALIVE!
We just wanted to do some due diligence before we commit to making it a “real” product.
These are ARRI standard size flat marking disks that are compatible with the OConnor CFF-1 and obviously a number of other follow focus handwheels in existence.
Should we make them a product?
Technical details to follow if there is enough interest…
We’re thinking $30.00 List (our regular white disks sell for $24.00 list each currently in packs of 10) and these would also be in packs of 10. There would be some dealers who are willing to split them up and sell as one off’s. Is this pricing OK? It’s in line with what you would pay now for a comparable product BUT we offer a unique selling point over a boring plain white disk.

OConnor Glow In The Dark Follow Focus Marking Discs

OConnor Standard White Follow Focus Marking Discs

For more try OConnor or join REDUser to have a say.

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