November 3rd is the day that both Canon and RED have announcements planned. At this stage the Canon announcement is only rumoured to be a camera release, is it a s35mm or 5D MKIII camera, or Richie Cunningham talking about his project? Now we have RED hunting down Canon and punching them in the face with an invite to the RED Scarlet we have you want it party.
Read on if you dare for a collection of Jim, and Jarred quotes spruiking the Scarlet and November 3rd announcement.

What a big day! RED announces the new Scarlet. Canon announces “something really important to Hollywood”. Everyone wins.

November 3rd is the day that RED announces all the changes to Scarlet and shipping info. You get to see the future Nov. 3rd. You get to compare RED’s latest directly with the newest from one of the “big dogs” in the industry. What a day!

I’ll certainly be watching!

Changes for the better… what other way could it be?
Would you want to be Canon making a presentation on Nov. 3rd?
We love nothing more than a heads up competition. A fist fight. Specs to specs. Camera to camera. We live for this.

Canon announces… we announce. The best one wins.
November 3rd. UFC. “It’s TIME””.
Nov. 3rd. That is the date to mark down…
November 3rd is likely to be the most watched day in Reduser history. It will be well worth it.
If Scarlet disappoints… I’ll retire.


Will ship before the end of this year.
Details will come. Just not yet. We are very conscious of our competition.

We paved a nice long road a very long time ago and cemented in all the street signs stating our direction. It was sure a nice paved road… at least that is how I remember it.

Havn’t driven on that road for awhile.
We like to bring Bazookas to knife fights.

Everything Changes:

So why do we post that so much?

We talk to you… straight up. Realtime. Just like “thinking out loud”. This isn’t the way other companies do it. And for good reason.

When we think out loud, we get a response. Often times those responses lead us to a better place. Which = change.

Because we think out loud, you are hearing from us early in the process. Because it is early, it can take some time before products are ready. In that time, the competitive landscape can change. Then we have to change.

Sometimes we are on a path, which we have announced (of course), and we find a better way. That = change.

Many times we announce a product, then realize that what seemed like a good idea… wasn’t as good as we thought. Particularly when it doesn’t measure up to “our new and better idea”. That = change.

If you are a speedboat that never changes its course, you may as well be the ocean liner. Being fast, fluid and flexible means you have the ability to change. And we do.

Everything in life changes. We are just the only ones in this industry that seems to embrace the concept and be proud of it.

Don’t let this approach frustrate you. Embrace it. In every instance I can think of, the change was better than the idea or product it replaced.

Now… put your helmets on and expect more change. Like the scorpion… it is our nature.

I think you can assume it applies to everything we have in the works. Our competition has responded to where they think we are going. That changed a long time ago.


And to round out the quoteathon a clanger from Jim Jannard:

How can you know what’s coming when we don’t even know until the last minute?

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