We hang our head in shame as well missed Nipros being at an NAB 2014 booth for the first time. Had we known they build big boys toys like the LS750/850 GTS camera rig, well would have had the 1080i ink tattooed over sooner with one of their colossal 4K rigs.

Nipros LS 750:850 GTS camera

This pic shows off the Nipros LS700 4K fibre system and a Canon Cinema EOS camera. Who doesn’t like a camera agnostic camera rig? And can you just imagine a Nipros / Blackmagic Design or Nipros / AJA studio hybrid camera?

Read the full press release for more info about the Nipros LS 750/850 GTS camera systemization rig.

Following a successful NAB 2014 and sales in the US, Samaserve, the Nipros sales, marketing and service affiliate, has announced the sale of five Nipros LS 750/850 GTS camera systemization rigs to leading Montréal and Toronto-based production equipment rental/service/studio firm département caméra.

“We held a number of extremely positive meetings at NAB,” Mel Medina, Samaserve CEO, states. “The fact that département camera has made this decision, underscores the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the Nipros Systems.”

The innovative, camera-agnostic, Nipros LS 750/850 GTS systems, HDS 300 camera system build-up rigs; HDF 700 SK monitors, and related accessories, will provide département caméra with the ability to maximize the potential of virtually any camera for literally any type of shoot, including simultaneous, uncompressed 4K and HD projects.

“These Nipros systems will benefit our customers, and their clients, with significant savings in time, flexibility and by extending the productive life of their existing camera investments,” Medina added.

As founder of Montreal-based départment caméra, one of Canada’s major rental houses, Jacques Lamontagne has been familiar with the Nipros brand for many years. Highly positive early reports on the Nipros LS 750/850 GTS camera system, led Lamontagne to make a special point of visiting the Nipros/Samaserve NAB booth. An impressive live demo of the Nipros LS 750 supporting a RED 4K EPIC DRAGON, coupled with a hands-on familiarization with the system at the show convinced him that Nipros was ideal for his client base.

“We provide production technology to a wide range of TV, feature film and documentary production companies, and we have been looking for a highly flexible system, capable of working with virtually any camera,” Lamontagne said. “Nipros has developed the most versatile camera system we’ve seen. It enables us to maximize the potential of every camera in our inventory, from Sony to Canon, ARRI and RED. The fact that the system is 4K-ready now, makes it an even stronger long-term investment.”

Mel Medina reports that a second Canadian sale of multiple Nipros camera systemization rigs will be announced soon.

Again this is the LS-700 Fibre Optic Adapter this time at the CCW Conference.

See Nipros for info about their LS-750/850 GTS camera systems.

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