Interesting spin on history… Reportedly when the Ninja came out the 5D MKII camera was actually the “it” camera, not the MKIII. Also the promotional video made it look like the footage came out clean and not with the recording red dot or cross hair or any of that other camera info all over the vision. Interestingly the promo footage allegedly came directly from a Canon 7D camera’s compact flash card and not from a sensor or from the MKII camera.

History makes fools of us all.

Ninja Inferno HDR 4Kp60 Monitor Recorder Launch from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

Just as the original Atomos Ninja broke open DSLR filmmaking by giving the Canon 5DMKIII professional Apple ProRes recording & the original Atomos Shogun pioneered 4K with the Sony a7s and Panasonic GH4, the Ninja Inferno now arms the Panasonic GH5, the hottest camera of 2017, with HDR Apple Pro-Res 10-bit 4:2:2 4Kp60 over HDMI 2.0
Ninja Inferno and Panasonic GH5 – The Secret Recipe!
Producer – Yael Naidoo, Mark Naidoo
Director – Mark Naidoo (Atomos)
Camera – Daniel De Silva (Cloakroom Media)
Camera – Yael Naidoo (3RDiCREATiVE)
Focus Puller – Rudi Siira
MoVI – Daniel De Silva (Cloakroom Media)
Aerial – Flying Dragon
Sound Recordist – Alex Wakefield
Boom Swinger: Tim
BTS Video – Alister Robbie
BTS Photos – Carl Stella
Lighting – Michael De Florio (POV Media)
Grip – Roger Ferrerio (Atomos)
Editor – Brooke Benton-Smith (Atomos)
Colorist – Juan Melara

– Shot at Bimbo Deluxe, Melbourne Australia.
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