Proving that DSLR filmmaking can be child’s play Yves Simard from CrewsTV got his hands on the Nikon D800 and D4 cameras and had a small window for some fun… Here is a straight cut and paste from his kids Vimeo account or his….. Not sure who runs that place.
Some people had issues with the test, but no one got upset that the Nikon D4 has no lens attached… Odd.

Please note opening scene is shot with a PDW-700
All other scenes labeled as per with the D800

No bloggers were injured in the making of this film. Some scenes may offend.
Pixel Peepers should revert to Twitter for more information. Some native files are available to download. DM or Msg CREWSTV for dropbox links.

Have fun.

Please note I am aware of interlace issues with the uncompressed footage. Seems to be a problem with the ki-pro mini settings. Investigating and will amend soon. Will notify if and when I replace the video. Here is an explanation of the issue on DVXuser.

All images are fully ungraded and untouched in any way.

I’m also aware that the camera work is a bit ropey and some of the focus is off. I have 4 kids and a dog and I did it in 2 hours so next time I’ll up my game. Cheers all :)

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